IVD Hall of Fame: Come Celebrate IVD Appreciation Month!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Part 1 of IVD Hall of Fame

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At a dinner party recently with few other lifetime IVDers, the conversation turned to the positive effect that IVDs have had on healthcare over the years. We sometimes forget to acknowledge how much good is done in this area, which may have something to do with the lack of an IVD focused trade-association to help broadcast the accomplishments of the IVD industry. 

It may have been the wine talking, but I volunteered that if someone would be willing to nominate the top 15 diagnostics (IVD or LDT) I would dedicate our blog to spreading the word for a month. Noel Doheny was kind/cruel enough to take me up on that offer, so here we are. 

By the considerable power vested in me as a blogger and Twitter user, I hereby declare that May is IVD Appreciation Month. It may be a while before you see that listed on any calendar, but we hope you’ll join us in the festivities anyway.

In honor of IVD Appreciation Month we are creating the IVD Hall of Fame and inaugurating its charter members. To celebrate these milestone accomplishments, the Myraqa staff has written a collection of blogs about many of the important assays that are in use today. 

We start the series off with a piece tomorrow by Dave Kern about HIV viral load testing. 

As IVD Appreciation Month draws to a close, please let us know if your favorite assay didn’t receive enough appreciation. We’ll be considering additional nominations for Hall of Fame inductees throughout 2013.



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Part 1 of IVD Hall of Fame

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